Dr. Rodric Rabbah
for Somers Board of Education
Vote on May 18 at Somers Middle School
Advocate for all students.
A voice for the elementary grades.
Focus on STEAM and improving our academic rankings.
Responsible investment in our educators.
I am running for a 3-year term on the Somers Board of Education. I have two children in the district, Michel in fourth grade and Timothy in first grade. My wife Cynthia is a radiation physicist in cancer treatment. We moved to Somers 8 years ago and we love living here.

My educational background includes a doctorate in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and several years in academia at MIT where I taught new computer science classes to undergraduate and graduate students. I then spent eleven years at IBM Research in Yorktown. And now I am the co-founder of a cloud computing company.

My background and experience in academia and industry make me uniquely qualified to be your Trustee on the School Board. I want to earn your vote and be an advocate for you and your children. I will use my expertise to help push our district forward to equip all students for the 21st century.
Three reasons to vote for me.
STEAM focus

I will work to make sure our district is preparing every student for a future that is going to heavily emphasize Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. I will use my academic and industry experience to advocate for stronger integration of STEAM into the classroom, starting at the elementary grades and continuing through high school.
Voice for all students

I will advocate for all students, including the elementary grades and children with special needs. I will complement the Board with a new and much-needed perspective. I have the academic training and foresight to proactively advocate for every grade, and will work to make sure district policies are nurturing and creating opportunities for all students.
Fiscal responsibility

I will raise awareness about our academic rankings which are a visible measure of district performance impacting property values and taxes. And I will advocate for responsible investment in our educators and facilities so our teachers are supported, and equipped for effective instruction, including the Individualized Education Programs.
Highlights of my activities in service of our district.
Proactive Engagement
I have repeatedly engaged with our district administration to discuss creative methods to make computer science instruction more practical given industry trends. I have also consulted with the technical staff on issues impacting e-learners to improve remote instruction.
Advocate for Elementary Grades
I am a member of the PTA Council and serve as your PTA delegate for Primrose. I participate in monthly round tables with our superintendent and use the forum to discuss important topics facing our district on a wide range of issues. I also regularly attend and speak at Board meetings and provide summaries of some of these meetings on my Facebook page.
Educational Equity Advisory Team
I take part in the Superintendent's Educational Equity Advisory Team (SEEAT), and actively participate in the SEEAT curriculum reviews with our district educators. I am also part of the Pulse Coalition which aims to increase awareness of district challenges within the community.
Voting Details
Vote in person May 18 at the Somers Middle School.
Polls are open from 7am to 9pm.

To vote by mail you must request an absentee ballot no later than May 11. Email our District Clerk Nancy Corrado at ncorrado@somersschools.org.
I am available to provide assistance if you need it.

To register to vote visit the District Clerk at the Somers Middle School before Thursday May 13 3:30pm, or register online with the Board of Elections.

Contact me at rodric@gmail.com or call 646-248-6456.